As 80s kids, and like many of you, we grew up watching the great Pro Motocross races of the 80s, 90s and 2000s imagining what it was like to battle against the legends of the sport. When the RedBud National came around, we'd watch in awe as riders hit LaRocco's Leap. It was the best jump on the tour then, and we reckon it's still the best on the National tour now.


The challenge to emulate the significance of LaRocco's Leap and replicate that as a clothing label is not lost on us. Looking back at the history of Pro Motocross, LaRocco's Leap represents all the passion, style and fearlessness that makes our sport so good. Nailing that triple step-up is the ultimate goal, it takes full commitment, especially if it's done on a 125cc like Mike LaRocco did back in 1992 on his Factory Kawasaki. 

Above all we just love riding dirt bikes, and we want to show that to people with our clothing brand. We live our lives with the same approach a rider will have hitting LaRocco's Leap - by taking it up a notch, keeping it pinned, and throwing ourselves out there, fully committed to the end.

Thanks for supporting us.