In the early 90's, Tim Ritchie of the iconic RedBud motocross track got together with former Pro Champion Mike LaRocco to replicate, at RedBud, a massive triple-step-up jump from LaRocco's nearby practice track which LaRocco called 'Kong.' Little did either of the men know that three decades on, the replica jump would be an icon and one of the most famous jumps at any motocross track across the globe. The 125 foot triple-step-up was crafted to perfection by Tim Ritchie, with a massive launch ramp to send riders with enough commitment and horsepower across two expansive gaps. 
After it's namesake, Mike LaRocco was the first rider to clear the giant leap, doing so on a Factory Kawasaki 125, which is a feat in itself. Check out our interview with Mike where he talks about how he tackled the Leap on race days.
In the early 2000's, LaRocco's Leap was brought back into the spotlight by an incredible image taken by photojournalist Jeff Kardas in 2002 of Bubba Stewart hitting the Leap on a 125. Check out 'Modem Killer,' a fantastic write-up by former racer Brett Smith for We Went Fast for more on this.
In the last decade of racing at RedBud there's been some iconic moments of various riders 'airing it out' on LaRocco's Leap, such as Ken Roczen's epic whip in 2018.